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The Lavagnac project concerns an outstanding natural and agricultural site of over 180 hectares. A considerable amount of time and thought has been put into the studies for this project since the plan is to redevelop the land into an 18-hole golf course and build several hundred houses around an existing chateau which has been listed as an ancient monument.
The area redeveloped will also include all the latest state-of-the-art facilities and amenities (shops, spa, tennis courts, swimming pools, etc.). HQE (High environmental Quality) houses will be grouped in clusters following the plans and distribution of local villages. Location will vary according to the natural landscape (woods, clearings, hedges) and topography.
Landscaping works will blend in with the existing vegetation and crops: olive groves, wheat fields, pastures, vineyards, woods and garrigue. The overall aim is to ensure that the scale of the project doesn't feel too big or oppressive, and to make it into a friendly and enjoyable place to live, in spite of the population density permitted by the local PLU (the key development rights and restrictions in France of a given area).
The result of this is that topography and vegetation are ruling the number of hamlets to be built, and within each of these hamlets, the number of homes. Total cost of this project = 100 million euros.