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The city of Beziers has been redeveloping the old quarters around the city centre for several years now. Several projects have been completed and it has to be said much of this conservation area is already much improved.
Projects such as the 5th OPAH or the redevelopment of various public grounds (Allées Paul Riquet, Place du General de Gaulle, the old Roman arena) have been appraised by the city's inhabitants and numerous tourists.
The pre-requisite in each of these projects is a thorough study of the area including the immediate surroundings in order study in order to establish a general redevelopment policy that is in coherence with other projects that have already been completed.
Redevelopment of Rue de la République as designed by us was also realized in the same way for Rue Mairan, Rue de la Ciquille, Rue Guibal and Rue Française at a total cost of approximately 1.5 million euros.