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Margon Castle dates back to the Middle Ages. The towers of the edifice are now topped with 19th century slate-roofs, but there are also corbelled vaults, characteristic of the 14th century, with joining-walls and a path round the battlements.For the past few years, a major restoration program has been launched in order to protect this historical monument, focusing mainly on:
1) the repair of the main courtyard facades, including sealing off the 19th century windows;
2) renovation of the 17th century door way,
3) consolidating the merlons and the pathway round the battlements , rendering the walls using a limestone finish.
4) Renovation of the main spiral stairway with stone steps, cleaning the horizontal joints, and applying a limestone finish.
5) Repairing the garden terraces, including removing cement, smoothing-off all surfaces, laying St-Gens stone slabs with short specs registration flanked with upraised pebble cobbling.


Le Chateau de Margon