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"Casa Julia" is located in the "Saint Jean" district at Perpignan, between Fabrique d'en Nabot and Fabrique d'en Nadal streets.In terms of construction, this building, of around 560 m2, is rather complicated as it results from the juxtaposition of several separate, distinctive edifices, the oldest of which dates back to the 14th century. It is fairly certain that in those days there were two buildings looking over an inner courtyard.
Luckily, the changes the building has undergone since the 15th century have not really damaged or modified its Catalan-Gothic traits. They have, however, added an 18th century French touch to the ensemble (the main stairway, and first-floor lounges).
The buildings have all been listed as historical monuments since 1889.
Pascale Malet Seeli's architectural offices have been commissioned with architect Alain Vernet for the project designs and management of the works. All works are carried out under the supervision of the DRAC and the cost of the project amounts to approximately 800,000 euros.


La Casa Julia à Perpignan