Chargement des photos

A competition was launched by the village of Aramon in the Gard département in view of renovating the village's François Rabelais primary school. The school has a significant visual impact on the environment as it is housed in a large building located on one of the roads heading into the village.
The edifice was also in need of an upgrade as regards heating, insulation and energy saving.
The project, therefore, consisted in renovating the north and south facing facades entirely so that they fitted in with the surrounding buildings and then bringing the building up to standard in terms of heating, insulation, etc. Thus, the outer walls of the north facing facade were insulated and clad with wood so that the building would blend in with the lush surrounding vegetation. The south facing facade was insulated on the inside walls but the outer walls were fitted with sun shields on a metal structure. Similarly, the project included a pergola in the school playground to provide precious shade for the children. The school entrance was also redesigned and fitted with a zinc canopy, providing a buffer zone between the school itself and the other attaining semi-public areas.
Total cost of the project: 300,000 euros.